Applications for Membership


Supporter of representational and traditional realism. Help to promote, encourage and advance the cause of fine arts in America. Associates Members are entitled to:

  • complimentary Newsletters, AAPL Grape Vine
  • Annual National meeting and Member-Gallery.
Artists may join and enter as a member in the Grand National open juried exhibition for ONE YEAR. The Artist must in the following year submit an application for Elected Artist Membership or remain a Patron supporter of American Artists Professional League.

Artist who have applied for Elected Membership status and are rejected will be given a one year Associate Artists Membership and may reapply at a later time.


Those who have been approved by the Membership Committee of the National Board of Directors. Benefits:

  • member of a prestigious art club
  • exhibit at Member Shows,
  • member online theme shows,
  • eligible to exhibit in The Grand National Exhibition

To apply for membership as an elected artist member (EAM) please email membership form along with three images of your work to A non-refundable application fee of $75 can be paid by check/money order, or through payment tab.

Please be sure the photography of your work is sharp, clear and professional. Resolution is best at 1200 pixels resolution and at least 600 pixels wide and saved in the following formats, high resolution .jpeg or .png.

FELLOW Member - $75

The same benefits as an EAM. However, Artist must currently be an AAPL member and have work accepted into the Grand National Exhibition for three years as an active, dues paid member. Elected Members will automatically become Fellow Member once they have been accepted into three GNEs.

FMCL Application

The same benefits as a Fellow, however, must be accepted in the Grand National Exhibition for five years and win two AAPL awards as an active member. FMCL is only available to active members who have achieved Fellow status as a dues paying member. They will be awarded the Fellow Maxima Certificate. Also, the FMCL will be eligible to advance to an AAPL Signature Membership. The FMCL membership category requires a majority vote approval by the National Board of Directors.


SM Application

The same benefits as an FMCL and will have the honor to place AAPL after their name on all their works. This honor status is available only to Fellow Maxima Cum Laude members. Criterion: Winner of a national award, two Frank C. Wright Memorial Grand National AAPL awards or equivalent. Submit an essay "Why I should be honored the title of Signature Member". The Signature Membership category requires a unanimous vote of approval by the National Board of Directors.


Open to students under 21 years of age. They receive a Studio Member Card, the Grape Vine, newsletter and is eligible for a scholarship if attending High School or an accredited Art College.

LIFE  MEMBER - $1,000

Lifetime membership as an Artist or Art Supporter.


Honorary Membership shall be bestowed to an individual deemed by the Board of Directors and Officers to be an exceptional member.


Patrons and Benefactors are those who consider our high objectives worthy of backing and would like to make a donation to our efforts through the American Artists Fund, the charitable, educational adjunct of the AAPL. Coherent fine art urgently needs the solid support of American art patrons.

Patron Member- $25 or more are listed in the catalog.

Benefactor Member- $100 or more.

Patron and Benefactor Membership is fully tax-deductible.

Make all checks payable to the American Artists Fund and mail to:

Amerian Artists Fund
c/o The American Artists Professional League
47 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003

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